Who can attend

Our programme has been planned for kids from 2 to 15 years of age. The kids are grouped according to age group and have the opportunity to participate in a programme which is especially tailor-made for each age group.

The Nursery at Kidstart Summer Club (Kidstart ‘Mini’) is a specialised unit which provides childcare services for children between 2 and 3 and is highly sought after due to the high quality care and professional service offered. Qualified childcarers are employed to care for these children in the ratio of 6:1.

The older children from 4 to 7 (Kidstart ‘Juniors’), are taken care of by qualified primary school teachers. All other members of staff are professionals in their field of expertise (ie. drama, music, dance, cooking, first-aid, martial arts etc.) and are engaged to provide an educational and enriching experience to our Pre-Teens (8-11 years) and Teens (12-15 years).

Kidstart Teens participate in a tailor made programme that takes an innovative approach to career exploration and includes a Teen Coop experience – a structured programme through which participants, with the help of a mentor, organise themselves into a work-group based on the social cooperative model. The programme allows them to understand and actively participate in activities through which they gain an understanding of basic business skills such as planning, organization, production, marketing etc. all in a fun environment and through practical hands-on activities.
Young people participating in Kidstart Teens programme:
• Develop their personal skills and self-confidence
• Become more self-aware
• Learn basic business skills
• Learn about our cultural heritage in a fun way
• Become better citizens

The Premises

Year after year we have chosen premises for Kidstart Summer Club that are centrally located and thus easily accessible by most. We do our utmost to ensure that the physical environment is welcoming and comfortable for the children and above all, safe, for the peace of mind of the parents. The premises consist of classrooms which are transformed into activity rooms to host the kids during the various sessions of indoor activities and a large and fully equipped Gymnasium / Hall which is used for indoor games, sports and dance activities, large outdoor swimming pools for water sports and games and extensive school grounds for outdoor games, sports and other activities. It Labs as well as Home Economics rooms are also available.

The Kidstart summer club timetable

Our summer club runs for 8 weeks from mid-July to mid-September. The programme takes a break during the Santa Maria week in August. Our basic programme is offered as a 3-day (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday) or 5-day (Monday-Friday) option.

Bookings and Registration

Applications are accepted on a first-come first-served basis.