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Vista Coop is committed to providing best practice in Early Childhood Education for the benefit of the children, their families and our community at large through affordable, quality and accessible childcare and education services.


  • My son has been attending Lelluxa for nearly a year now and I am extremely pleased with the great work the teachers are doing with the children. All the staff are very dedicated and are particularly attentive to the individual needs of the children.

  • I am writing to express my heart felt thanks on this day. Today is the last time Matthias will attend Kids start to embark on  the new journey of school. Cannot believe how time flies . I would like to thank you and all the staff namely Maria, Alessia, Arianna, Anna and all the others who really and truly put their heart in their job. I also would like to thank the administration for being flexible when needed especially when I had my second child. All the team gave me a sense of  belonging and through out the time he spent there my mind was at rest.

    Since I rarely filled the feedback sheet I will give out my opinion about what I really appreciated and a few points of suggestions:

    1. Open door policy

    This is something I really like as it gives us  the opportunity to see our child any time unlike other child care centres in which you are given your child prim and proper but you are clueless on what is happening inside.

    2. Accident policy

    Needless to say children hurt each other.  Avoiding to say who did what is excellent because it would be pointless.

    3. Flexibility 

    Your flexibility in time and days was very beneficial through out the time of potty training and when I was in hospital during labour and after.

    4. Crafts and activities 

    I believe that you do your share in this sense and I appreciate that you do not have a television  (unlike other child care centres)


    As regards to points of recommendation I would suggest:

    A. A parents day yearly or six monthly for us to discuss how the child is doing overall.

    B. A farewell small gathering to say goodbye in a sweet way maybe the parents can be invited.


    Other than the above I conclude by saying thanks again for you have all been very sweet and bringing Matthias there was like taking him to a big family. Elisa Cutajar

  • I would like to thank all the staff at Nannakola Childcare Center, present and past, for being so close to our boys, Andrew and James, loving them and caring for them for the whole time they spent in your care. You are part of our extended family, and we will miss you dearly!

    Jeanne Michele Cordina

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